Before you decide to list your home on the market in Honolulu, you should be aware that real estate prices fluctuate throughout the year. In most areas of the United States, the best time to sell a home is in May or June, but the real estate market is different in Hawaii.

While it doesn't make sense to shop for a home when there's snow on the ground, it's still very warm in Hawaii during the winter months. Not only is it still tropic in Hawaii during the winter, but tons of people specifically plan their vacations to Honolulu during the colder months of the year. 

If you want to sell your home for the highest price possible, you should plan to list your home for sale in January or February. In order to understand why it's advantageous to sell housing in Honolulu during the winter, you need to consider the pool of buyers that are looking to purchase a home.

Hawaii is a major destination for people during January and February because they want to escape the cold. Tons of people that travel to Hawaii and consider purchasing a home, which means the market is going to be fairly saturated during this time of year.

Honolulu in particular experiences a dramatic increase in buyers during the winter while inventory drops. This is the perfect scenario for selling a home, based on the fact that there are far more buyers that are looking to purchase a home than there are homes being sold. Hitting this sweet spot in the market is going to increase your chances of selling a home quickly and for a high price. 

Another thing you may want to bring into consideration is the fact that you'll probably close on your home faster. Escrow can take an extremely long time in certain cases, but most banks are backed up due to the volume of house payments they are processing.

Banks are dealing with fewer homes being sold during January and February, which means you'll probably clear escrow much faster. Anyone that has sold a home and has had their money tied up in escrow for an extended period of time knows how advantageous when escrow to be speedy.

If you want to have a smooth time selling your home, you should find a top-selling agent in your area to work with. If you need to find a realtor® in Honolulu, you should carefully consider your options before you make a hire.

Some real estate agents are far better than others. If you can find a real estate agent who sells a large volume of homes, they're probably going to be a viable option to hire. Working with a real estate agent is a mutually beneficial relationship where they only get paid a great commission if they sell your home for a good price. If you find someone that has a great track record and sells a lot of homes, it's a good indication that they're highly motivated.

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